How to Install a Phone Jack

How to install a phone jack is one of important tutorials homeowners are searching for at the internet. This job sounds easy, but everyone needs good tutorials to get the best result. Since telephone jack installation is one of the basic wiring jobs, simple tools are needed.

How to Install a Phone Jack

There are several good reasons supporting people to install a new phone jack or remove the older to a new place. The very first and biggest reason is the phone quits working or static develops on the line.

There are several things that you have to take into your consideration before installing the jack. Homeowners can choose a flush or surface mounted phone jack. First, make sure you get a replacement jack that suits the particular setup. Disconnect the phone lines before working on this job. Even though the lines are low in voltage, you can get enough current still when they ring, and it gives a mild shock. Make sure the weather is good during the day. If not, lightning during a thunderstorm can cause serious injury.

Have the Following Tools

Having a good preparation is important as well such as getting a utility knife, standard slow screwdriver, Robertson screwdriver, wire cutting or stripping tool, stapler (choose the rounded staple type), and needle-nose pliers.

How to Install a Phone Jack

Choose the Right Wire

Choosing the best-suited wire for your installation is needed. That’s why homeowners have to determine their present and future needs. Those needs affect the choice of wire whether you will use 2-, 3-, 0r 4- twisted wire. If you want a bell installed, you should use a high-quality wire. For a high-speed internet access, such wire is also recommended.

A single line installation will only use three-pair wire which means you can add two more additional telephone services.

How to Install a Phone Jack

Decide the Best Placement

Decide where the best place to install the jack is. The location should be easily accessible, well protected from damage, and free from extreme dampness and heat.

Let’s start from the very beginning

Find the phone interface box that is mounted on an outside wall. Open the customer access panel. Unplug the test jack. If you have an older interface boxes, it might not have a test jack. Just unscrew and detach the wires. Make sure you will not forget which wire that went on each terminal. If you are not confident enough to access the interface box, use another phone on the same line and off the hook.

Make sure the line has no dial tone and unplug it from the jack. Remove the jack and check carefully which colored wires hooked up to the terminals. Match the wire with the new jack.

There are two wires that are required for a phone, and each of them contains at least four wires for additional lines. The colors are red and green for the first line. Yellow and black are for the second line. Blue and white are for the third line.

How to Install a Phone Jack

After removing the wires, attach them to the new jack. You will see the stripped ends of the wires appear brittle. Then cut off the damaged wire. Strip the outer insulation around the line back two inches. Do not nick the wires.
Cut back 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches of the insulation. Bend the exposed wire into a “U” shape. Slip the wire over the corresponding terminal on the jack. Wraps the wire around the terminal in a clockwise direction and tighten the screws.

Attach the new jack to the wall. Reconnect the phone line at the interface box. The next step, plug the phone back in.

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