Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer comes! That plenty of warm weather and sunshine must get good welcome party. The party is all about getting your home ready for summer, a party that involves protecting wood outdoors, replacing the windows, and attic insulation.

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

People need to do this and that in welcoming summer to be prepared to the change in the weather like harmful UV rays from the sun. This can cause damage to outdoor woods and sweltering heat that may ruin the utility bill through the roof.

First Step, Protect the Wood Outdoors

Outdoor furniture is always a good entertainment spot. You and the entire family can use it in a barbecue party or small garden party. Maintaining the furniture means a good investment in the future.

Wood takes a lot of abuse from snow, sun, storm, and rain. Protect the woods will not only give good investment, but also keeping it looking good for a longer time. Make sure you use a quality exterior wood finish.

A quality finish usually contains oil-based finish that penetrates and protects wood against moisture and damage not only from flood but also UV rays from the sun. The oil penetrates deep into the wood and protects it from the inside out.

Second Step, Replace Your window

Use double pane vinyl windows to replace your old drafty single pane windows. This type of window is great to help you trim the electricity bills because of its capacity of saving energy, reducing noise, and improving the look of your home.

Choose a window with a low-E coating to trim more energy on cooling bills. It reduces solar heat. However, it requires professional help to install the windows.

A good windows installation will allow you to get more fresh air. In the morning or at the end of the day you may feel it’s better to switch off the air conditioning machine. Just open the window widely and let the fresh air in, allowing good air circulation in your home.

Third Step, Insulate Your Attic

Attic insulation is not only a good job for winter, but also summer. The attic has to get plenty of insulation. Make sure you follow the recommendation of The Department of Enrgy that homes should have insulation in the attic with an R-value of between R-38 and R-49. It is approximately 10-inches to 15-inches of insulation.

You can use many materials for insulation, including stone wool insulation. It is a good choice for the fire resistant, water repellent, and resists both mold and mildew.

 Insulate Your Attic

Fourth Step, Check Your Refrigerator

Summer without cold drinks and ice is such emptiness. Clean your refrigerator’s condensing coils and see whether the machine runs smoothly all summer long. Remove any dirt by using vacuum cleaner with the nozzle attachment.

Check Your Refrigerator

Fifth, Check Your Air Conditioning Filter

Air Conditioning FilterCheck the user’s manual the manufacturer inserted in the box when you bought the air conditioning system. It shows you how often you should change the filters in the system. Summer preparation leads you to change the filters in the cooling system.

After that, test the thermostat by turning the temperature down. If the machine does not turn on, do further check and make sure no breakers are tripped. Call professional to do inspection.

If your air conditioning unit works well, you need to make sure the machine produces adequate cooling. Do this check before the hot weather comes.

When you identify the problem in your cooling system before the hot weather hits, you will not wait for long to welcome the air conditioning expert at your front door. Believe it air conditioning repair people will be very busy when a hot weather hits.

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