Cold Weather Home Maintenance Tips and Projects

People who live in a four-season country need to do many things to face each type of season. The early arrival of cold weather needs a good preparation of winter. The preparation will help the family keep warmer and save heating bills. Most importantly, there are no frozen pipes that may cost you a fortune.

Cold Weather Home Maintenance Tips and Projects

Preparing home for winter covers many activities like checking for caulk any cracks on the outside of the house, fill holes in spray cans, replace worn weather stripping around windows and doors, insulate around attic stairs, apply foam gaskets to electrical outlet and switch covers, add attic insulation, cover windows with plastic window insulation kits.

All those activities may need home tools such as tape measure, utility knife, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, saw, cordless drill or driver, square, and level.

Check the Heating Machine

This process is also called winter furnace tune-up. To get maximum power of the heating machine, homeowners have to make sure their furnace and blower are in an optimum condition. It should be in good condition to work effectively.

Use a new, programmable thermostat. If you have an older thermostat, you can remodel it to the newest one. It helps you get the lower temperature when you are asleep or away from home. It saves more energy and money.
If you have a heating system that is over 12 years old, replace it with a new machine. An older machine will not work efficiently. It also costs more electricity bills.

Check the furnace filter regularly. Every 1-3 months the filter should be replaced. A quality filter will produce good indoor air quality and thus the heating machine will run more effectively.

Improve Your Storage

Why do you need to improve your home storage? A cleaner and more spacious room bring calmer and more relaxing feel to your home. In some cases it helps saving the energy as well, because the empty room keeps less dirt and dust.
Organize the unused items. Select carefully which item you want to keep and those you no longer need. Go through the unwanted items and again do careful check. The unwanted items that are in good condition can be recycled or donated to charity. Store the items you will use next season in your attic. The other unwanted items may need to be trashed.

Winter Checklist

There are also many things to take into your consideration while winterizing your house. It includes checking the pipes that are prone to freezing and open the exterior faucets. Prepare the back-up heat sources such as firewood. Don’t use kerosene heaters if your house uses an enclosed space. Prepare a snowmelt and snow shovel. Use storm windows. The attic insulation should not cover eave or soffit vents. Close curtains to help insulate windows. Use kitchen and bath exhaust fans minimally.

Pay Extra Attention to Insulation

Old house may have old structures, while the structures are having insufficient insulation. Call a professional come to check your house and inspect where insulation that needs to be upgraded. A good insulation will give the homeowner good electricity bills during winter.

Other than insulation you should reduce the amount of heat transfer around windows, doors, ventilations, and other openings. Make your house a winterized house, but let it a place that is able to breathe. Upgrade the equipment to keep it a comfortable house to live in.

The best preparation is really helpful to give you and family a “warm” winter. You will not get freeze in the cold winter and stay inside of the home comfortably. Don’t need to worry about the electricity bills due to the use of heating system since the machine is not used excessively.

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